Legislative Affairs

US House Arizona District 6
Representative Juan Ciscomani
Telephone Tucson 520-881-3588, Washington DC 202-225-2542
Website: https://ciscomani.house.gov/contact/offices

Arizona Legislative District 19
Senator David Gowan
Phone Number: 602-602-926-5154, Email: DGOWAN@azleg.gov

Representative Lupe Diaz
PhoneNumber:602-602-926-4852, Email: LDIAZ@azleg.gov

Representative Gail Griffin
PhoneNumber:602-602-926-5895, Email : GGRIFFIN@azleg.gov

Arizona Legislative District 21
Senator Rosanna Gabaldón
Phone Number: 602-602-926-3424, Email : RGABALDON@azleg.gov

Representative Stephanie Stahl Hamilton
Phone Number: 602-602-926-3279, Email: SSTAHLHAMILTON@azleg.gov

Representative Consuelo Hernandez
Phone Number: 602-602-926-3523, Email: CHERNANDEZ@azleg.gov

MOAA’s Legislative Priorities for the 118th Congress

Sign up to let your Representative what you support and share your opinions: MOAA | Legislative Action Center (quorum.us)

Arizona Department of Veterans Affairs

Arizona State Legislature

Surviving Spouse


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