Board of Directors

2021 Officers & Board Members

(Area code is 520 where not indicated below)

President: 1LT Joseph Longo USA (Fmr) 509-945-4993

First Vice-President and Membership: 1LT Elliott Jones USA (Fmr) 847-366-6466

Second Vice-President: CW3 Jack Bundy, USA (Ret) 951-760-8706

Secretary: Jadine Hilt 414-350-7821

Treasurer: COL Peggy McGee, USA (Ret) 207-6188

Immediate Past President, President, 501(c)(3): LCDR James Knox, USN (Ret) 605-941-0335

Past Member of the National MOAA Board, Past President, Legislative Affairs:
CDR John Chernoski, USN, (Ret) 625-3909

ESGR Representative: Lt Col Dick Kosnick, USAF, (Ret) 399-3310

Surviving Spouse Liaison: Nora Durham 719-232-9227

Director, Personal Affairs: CWO3 James Rundlett, USCG (Ret) 509-389-4286

Chaplain: Robert Lewis, CWO3 USA (Ret) 520-481-6994

Director/JROTC Liaison: COL Marianne Rogers Faust, USAF (Ret) 210-861-9440

Historian: COL Marianne Rogers Faust, USAF (Ret) 210-861-9440

Transition Liaison: LTC Darren Venters, USAF (Ret)

Public Relations Officer: COL Peggy McGee, USA (Ret) 207-6188

Webmaster/Newsletter Editor: Marianne Cobarrubias, email: Webmaster & Newsletter

Board Meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month in the conference room at the Friends in Deed Building, starting at 8:30 am.  The exception is the January board meeting which is held on the second Wednesday. All are invited to attend.

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